Barnet Twin Towns Challenge

Join us on an exciting voyage to visit Barnet’s 8 twin towns.

Starting January 11th 2021 we plan to visit all 8 twin towns. Our journey starts by travelling west from Barnet to Montclair (USA), from here we will encounter the longest section of our journey to Jinja (Uganda). Before visits to Ramat Gan (Israel) and Morphou (Cyprus).

The last section of the journey will see us enter Europe, firstly visiting Tempelhof and Siegen-Wittgenstein (Germany), followed by the Paris suburbs of Chaville and Le Raincy (France), before heading back home to Barnet.

The mammoth journey, will see us cover almost 25,000 kilometres, travelling through 6 countries in 4 continents.

Please see below various downloadable resources to help promote the challenge across your school community. 


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Schools FAQ.pdf 08/01/2021 328.1 KB
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