Project Overview

Barnet Partnership for School Sport are willing to coordinate and manage a borough application for all schools not yet signed up to the Sport England PE programme across Barnet. This is for all state secondary schools educating students aged 11-16.

Funding is distributed via the appropriate school partnerships. TSAs and partnerships are awarded £3,350 for every secondary school included in their project.

It’s a fully flexible programme – the funding can also be used to upskill teachers, improve the quality and breadth of PE, and develop schools’ PE offer so that it acts as a lever for wider educational outcomes.

The programme encourages projects that: 

  • Develop pupils’ mental wellbeing, confidence and resilience through PE, school sport and physical activities that prioritise pupil enjoyment
  • Create opportunities for all pupils – including those who don’t like PE – to try new activities (such as non-traditional sports and fitness classes) so they can discover ways to be physically active that work for them
  • Explore how PE, school sport and physical activity can contribute to, or complement, core curriculum subjects by finding ways to bring activity into other subjects' lessons.

If your school would like to be involved, please email Jo Eames, Strategic Manager [email protected] with the following information:

  • The name of the school: The name of the school & URN
  • The school contact – This should be a Teaching & Learning position. Please include their name, email address and direct line phone number. They will be required to attend an orientation day. 

**We will need this to be authorised by a member of SLT within each school that would like to sign up**

Find out more information on the Sport England Website


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