School Selfie Challenge

Launched 19th April 2021!

We are excited to share with you details of the #SchoolSelfieChallenge, the latest in a series of Strava challenges set to run this Summer term.

Many of you will be aware of the Barnet Strava Club which was formed during the first national lockdown. Akin to the past 12 months, club members have been presented with numerous challenges, most recently the #BarnetTwinTownsChallenge, which they have successfully completed. Open to all school staff colleagues, the primary purpose of the club is to help bring together and motivate colleagues from across the borough to be physically active. Never before have the benefits of leading an active lifestyle been more potent to our physical and mental health.

What better way to reconnect with our school community than to visit all our schools across the borough and take a socially distanced selfie outside the main entrance. Simply post a selfie on Strava or if you would prefer, email it over. Don’t worry if you are a little camera shy, you don’t have to feature in the photo if you would prefer not to. The only rule is that you must have travelled to the location either on foot or by bike.

Any member of staff are welcome to join the Barnet Strava Club, if you already have the fitness app simply click ‘request to join’. If you don’t have an account you can create one for free here. Once you have requested to join, please drop your SGO an email so they can verify your request. 

Whilst primarily targeted towards your school staff, there is also an opportunity for you to introduce the challenge to your wider school community. You could use this challenge to encourage active travel, whereby pupils stop for a quick selfie outside another school they pass on their way to or from their own school. Perhaps after completing The Daily Mile or Mayor’s Golden Kilometre your pupils could pose for a group selfie by their school sign. Another example could be to take a group selfie after attending another school to use their facilities or after a school fixture. These are just a few examples, please feel free to come up with your own too.

Please see below numerous resources to help promote the challenge to your school staff, pupils and parents/guardians. Don’t forget to tag us @BarnetSport and use the #SchoolSelfieChallenge. 


·         We appreciate that some schools might not want to be visited as part of this challenge, if this is the case please let us know ASAP and we can remove your school from the list.

·         Please respect social distancing rules at all times and avoid visiting a school during busy periods.

·         If a school’s sign is not visible from the street, please do not attempt to enter the school premises, capture what you can from outside, ensuring not to include anyone else in the selfie.

·         The Strava Club is open to school staff only. Pupils and parents/guardians can share their selfies by Tweeting us @BarnetSport or sending them to their school to forward onto us

·         We appreciate not everyone has access to a phone, pupils are welcome to draw their ‘selfie’ instead.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us


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