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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event



Eligibility – any child on the SEN register (other than Emotional and Behavioural) includes Deaf and Autistic children.




Teams should consist of 5-10 young people aged 5 to 11 yrs. (8 is the ideal number).

A maximum of 8 team members may take part in each activity rotation.


School teams will stay together throughout all the activity rotations and collect team points.

Once the rotations have been complete and after a short lunch break, non-scoring relay races will take place, followed by team presentations.

We would aim to start at 10.00am (arrival by 9.30am please) and finish by 12.30pm



Primary Panathlon runs on a rotational system whereby competitors get to take part in each of the seven, eight or nine activities (depending upon entries) for 7 minutes. At the beginning of each rotation the officials will demonstrate and explain the activity. A whistle will then start the activity and after 7 minutes a whistle will stop the activity.

After four rotations there is a scheduled snack and water break (approx. 8-10 mins), followed by the final four rotations.  There will be a 20-minute lunch break- should schools wish to stay for this or another drinks break followed by non-scoring races.

Competitors then have an opportunity to take part in non-scoring fun races before the medal ceremony. Every competitor will receive a medal and certificate.

Each team is ranked on their performance at each activity with a sliding scale of points. Scores from each rotation are then added to arrive at an overall team total. 

Please note, non BPSS buy in members will be charged to attend.