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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


The competition is a Team event. The competitions are single gender. Year 6 &/or Year 5 pupils.

Teams: minimum of 9 girls and 9 boys, maximum of 15 girls and 15 boys.

Competitors may only take part in 2 track & 2 field.

Please follow link for further explanation:


All equipment will be provided by the hosting facility.

Below are the list of events that will be taking place. 

Match Format:

Track events

no. pupils

Obstacle Relay

4 pupils

1 Lap Relay

2 pupils

2 Lap Relay

2 pupils

6 Lap Paarlauf (the baton must complete 6 laps)

2 pupils

Over / Under Relay

4 pupils

1 Lap Relay

4 Pupils


Field events 3 pupils per event:

Chest Push, Speed Bounce, Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, Vertical Jump

 Each School must bring their own first aider