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To enter this festival please contact Ben Wiggins directly [email protected] or Ed Taylor [email protected]

Entry and Info forms to be found on our resources page

Dear Teacher,

This year we have witnessed another successful year for the Saracens Tag Programme, and we are striving to be even bigger and more successful with your school’s help, offering primary school children more chances to play rugby! You are invited to compete in the Saracens Foundation Barnet’s Year 5/6 Tag Festival which is to be held at Barnet RFC, Byng Rd Barnet, Barnet EN5 4NP. Schools will be expected to turn up at least 30 minutes prior to festival start giving enough time for lunch/preparation. Schools who fail to turn up on time maybe subject to limited game time unless communicated in advance.

Saracens Foundation (Barnet) Tag Rugby Festival

Year 5 & 6 combined 

Boys and Girls

Friday 19th November 2021

Festival Registration – 11:30am onwards

Matches commence –12:15pm

Final presentations and depart – 3:00pm (latest)

I hope that you and your school will be able to take on this exciting opportunity. Please confirm your attendance by completing the attached form on page 2 and return this to the following:

Email: Ben Wiggins [email protected]

Phone: DD +44 (0) 02036757221 |M +44 (0)7956 082124  

DEADLINE FOR RETURNS: Friday 12th November 2021

Entries will not be accepted beyond the deadline.

Kind regards,

Ben Wiggins

Saracens Foundation Barnet Year 5 & 6 Tag Festival

Name of School

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Name of Lead staff on the festival day

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We WILL be attending the Barnet Tag Rugby Festival. 



Barnet Tag Rugby Festival

 Rules of Play

Considering the recent amendments to the RFU guidelines for grassroots rugby, we have made the decision to adopt the proposed changes for 2021/2022 with the view to evaluate and review the process at the end of the season. This means that ALL tag rugby festivals run by the Saracens Foundation will be on a non-competitive basis where no scores based on tries will be kept by referees, knock out stages will be removed from the festival structure, all teams will have the same amount of on-pitch game time and all pupils will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’. 

Up to 10 Players in a squad of which 7 play at one time. There must be a minimum of 3 boys and girls on the pitch throughout the game with each team being able to provide at least 1 boy AND 1 girl reserve player.

Starting: Free pass from the centre of the pitch to start the half/after each try

Play is restarted up to 1 metre inside the touch line when the ball is out in touch 

Any offence within 5 metres or over the try line should be brought back 5m out 

Opponents must be back 7 metres from any free pass or start of the game. They must not move until the ball has been passed. 

MUST have two hands on the ball to score a try 

Must stay on their feet… NO DIVING (This includes going on to both knees) 

Allowed one step to score a try 

No fending off with the arms or the rugby ball 

Run with the ball in two hands (This is a coaching point and not a rule.)

You must have your tag replaced before re-joining the game. Free pass to the non-offending team if the child touches the ball with only one tag. The Tags must be correctly placed. One tag on either side. 

The team in possession of a ball will only be allowed to be tagged a maximum of 6 times before scoring a try. At the 7th tag, the referee will stop the game and give the ball to the other team by awarding a free pass at the point that the tag took place. 

Unlimited tag for year 3 & 4. 

Knock on = Free Pass 

If the ball goes back on the floor – ‘Play on’ 

If a Tag is made the referee will call ‘Tag’ 

If a child accidentally falls to the grounds, the team in possession receives a free pass. 

Substitutions are roll on roll off and the teacher/parent in charge of the team is responsible for making the changes. Teams with more than 7 players on the pitch will be penalized.