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Competition Rules

Schools will be follow the Stingers Bee Netball rules, please see attached. Bees Netball allows students to mark players with the ball, however they must be 3ft away.

Team Requirements

Squads of 7 to 9 players from year 5/6 following the appropriate rotation sheets. 

Teams can have up to 3 boys, however, only 2 on court at one time.

Team Eligibility 

We recommend schools bring A teams to this tournament who are confident in netball and are keen to participate in a competitive netball tournament. Students attending this event are allowed to play in the netball league.

LYG have recently announced that there is a pathway event for year 5/6 netball, therefore the winners of the borough final will go on to represent Barnet.

South/West schools tournament will take place in the morning followed by East/Central schools tournament in the afternoon. Successful schools will then be invited to participate in the borough final tournament on Wednesday 23rd February at Copthall school.

Please note, non BPSS buy in members will be charged to attend.

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