South/West Athletics Meet

This must have been one of the largest of the South/West athletics events we have run to date.  We were able to welcome additional teams who would normally compete at the ‘Small Schools’ athletics but had to close for polling, for this reason the event was considered an ‘Open’ event.  With a relatively dry start, the rain began to kick in an hour before they (the nicest forecasters we could find) had suggested however, after the initial downpour which necessitated the cancellation of the tug of war, it was full speed ahead!  Athletes arriving for their races, anxious but excited, leaders and staff providing a helping hand and huge raptures of applause from the spectators!!  From where I was standing, the atmosphere was, at times, electric!


Leaders from both Copthall School and Henrietta Barnett joined us for the day ensuring that, regardless of the various challenges, all field and track events were completed successfully and the children, whilst some rather wet, never complained once, they were brilliant!   Also, a huge thank you to both Steve and Ty from Barnet and District Athletics club who officiated throughout the whole day, sharing their athletics knowledge and expertise.


It was great to see a number of pupil reporters and photographers wondering around the events and it would be lovely to see what they come up with.  Don’t forget to send them over to us and upload them on the blogging section on the school games website.


Final Trophy results were:


Girls Track

1st Brooklands  110

2nd St Mary's N3 105

3rd Dollis Jnrs 99

Boys Track

1st Dollis Jnrs 118

2nd Woodcroft  92

3rd St Mary's N3 90


1st Brooklands/St Mary's N3 33

3rd Dollis Jnrs 31


1st Dollis Jnrs 46

2nd Brooklands 44

3rd St Mary's N3 42

Overall Field

1st Dollis Jnrs 192

2nd St Mary's N3 179

3rd Woodcroft 152


Overall school winner

1st Dollis Jnrs 486

2nd St Mary's N3 449

3rd Brooklands 418



Some very close scores!!!  Congratulations to all schools mentioned above, there is clearly some huge potential in Barnet.  Further results attached.


Well done to everyone and especially yourselves for the mammoth task of getting the children to and from the venue.  We will send you the link to the photography company as we have it.


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