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Mini Reporters report:

Our school High 5 Netball teams travelled to the eagerly anticipated North and East Netball Tournament on Wednesday.

We travelled by bus to Copthall Girls School meeting Holly Park School on the bus on the way. The atmosphere was lovely, excitement and lots of nervous chatter for most of the journey. 

Going into our first match,we were nervous but looking forward to a day packed full of netball.

With some great teamwork we managed to win our first match 7-0.

In our second match we remained victorious winning 3-0. In between matches we cheered on our other team; keeping them confident.

We knew our next match was going to be tough as our next opponents were Akiva, a team that have always been strong at netball. This didn't stop us though. We finished on top but it was a very close match as it was 3-2.

We kept winning and topped the group so this meant we were in the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals we faced Holy Trinity, we knew they were a good team as we have played them many times before. Somayeh gave us a team talk so we were confident we could win. It was extremely close yet we bagged another win.

In the finals we faced Akiva's A team and it was another win, 2-1.

We had done it. We felt so proud when we were given gold medals.

We couldn't have done it without Somayeh our wonderful coach.

Martin School.

At 10:00am we left our classes with our bags and coats and 

took 2 buses to Copthall School. Since we were one of the 

first schools there we had lots of time to practise. It was a bit 

strange playing at another school but we were confident we 

would win and we did. The score was 4-0 and we felt super 

motivated. Unfortunately we weren't so lucky and lost our next

matches 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0. We felt much better when we won our 

last match 3-0. We didn't make it into the quarter finals but we were 

very close. The other Martins did and we were really proud. The experience

was so fun and wish we could go again.

Martin Primary School 


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