Calling out to all 14 to 21 year olds from Barnet!

London Youth Games have announced the launch of LYG33, a new project designed to empower young Londoners, giving them a voice to influence the future of the London Youth Games and key issues impacting young Londoners and sport.

LYG33 will be reflective of London’s diverse population. They invite any young Londoner between 14 and 21 to apply or be nominated. Applicants will need to write a short statement or record a video explaining why they would like to join the group as part of the LYG33’s inclusive application process.

London Youth Games want LYG33 members to feel huge pride in being part of the group. Members will be given the chance to be spokespeople on the future of sport at London Youth Games and in the capital. They will be representing their borough, giving them the opportunity to play into the leadership of sport for young people in their home communities. London Youth Games want to empower young people and allow their voices to be heard to help shape the future of the Games.

Members of LYG33 will have the opportunity to discuss different elements of the London Youth Games. Members of the LYG33 will be part of an online community and be encouraged to attend London Youth Games events. There will also be opportunities for them to meet with board members and senior leaders so they can influence at the most senior levels.

London Youth Games will provide members of LYG33 with life changing opportunities. Members will attend special events with inspirational speakers, meet LYG alumni and obtain a ‘Real Coaching’ qualification. The initiative will aid young people’s development by engaging them in different networks and offering beneficial experiences that they can take into their futures.

The application process for the inaugural LYG33 is now open until Friday 9th October 2020. Please visit the LYG website for more information.


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