Barnet Partnership for School Sport

Through BPSS opportunities, we aim to enable young people in Barnet schools to become confident, physically competent, emotionally resilient and empathetic citizens who can independently and successfully make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices and pursue personalised sporting and physically active pathways.

We work in partnership to:

1. Increase participation in high quality sport and physical activity FOR ALL

2. Work and communicate effectively with schools to meet need and fulfil expectations related to participation in sport and physical activity, widening access to sport and physical activity among low participation groups

3. Support the development of progression pathways to ensure individuals reach their full potential

4. Provide support and advice to maximise opportunities for Barnet Schools through the Government’s agenda for school sport and competition (School Games)

Our work is structured into 5 Strategic Themes which all interlink and work in unison to provide the Core Services for our BPSS member schools. These themes provide headline targets of - Participation, Competition for all, Workforce, Sustain and Grow & Community Pathways.

BPSS evolves to enhance the Resilient Schools, Public Health, Healthy Schools and Healthy Weight programmes since 2020.

If you would like a member of our team to come and have a meeting with you regarding your whole school planning/PE & Sport Premium, School Sport, Daily Physical Activity and Wellbeing please contact us now:

Jo Eames, Strategic Manager [email protected]

Katie Knight, SGO South

Vanessa Pender, SGO East [email protected] 

Caroline Connell - SGO West [email protected] 

Jason Vassiliades - SGO Central [email protected]

Instagram @barnetsport / Youtube 'Barnet Partnership for School Sport' / LinkedIn / Twitter @BarnetSport

See our Core Services here: Our Core Services - About BPSS - Barnet Partnership For School Sport

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