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Welcome back to another term and the start of a new calendar year. We hope you had a restful and enjoyable break over the festive period, however you chose to spend it.

Please see in our newsletters weekly updates and resources which we hope will be useful to you and your school community during this latest lockdown. During these challenging times we want to help by providing simple ways for your pupils, both in school and at home, to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t already, please follow us on social media and encourage your school community to too, for the latest updates and resources.

From everyone at BPSS, we wish you, your family and school community a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead

Barnet Twin Towns Challenge:

Join us on an exciting voyage to visit Barnet’s 8 twin towns. Whether it’s cycling with the kids, clocking up your 10,000 daily steps or simply waking together as a family, we want everyone to join us in helping cover the 25,000 kilometre journey.

There are various resources available to download from our website to help promote the challenge across your school community, please click here to access them.

Resources for Parents/Guardians

We have collated a PDF spreadsheet for schools to circulate to their community. It contains useful links of ways in which parents/guardians can motivate their children to stay active throughout lockdown. We will continually update each week with the latest resources released.

We will continue to promote and deliver the projects we can including the FA Girls Programme & Secondary Teacher Training programme.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Jo Eames, Strategic Manager [email protected]

Katie Bailey, SGO South & West [email protected]

Mark Betts, SGO East & Central [email protected]

Virtual Challenges - [email protected]

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