The Virtual Challenges section enables your partnership to develop an alternative and innovative means of providing intra and inter school opportunities for your schools, without them even leaving the school site.

One of the main barriers to participation in any partnership, is the transport issue and the personnel issue, through the challenge section both these problems are removed. By providing challenges you also enable participation in events on an unlimited scale and encourage all pupils to be involved in an element of competition.

Develop a challenge for each year group within your schools, set them a period of time in which to complete the challenge and encourage them to display the results via the website pages. Not only does it allow pupils to set personal bests and challenge themselves to improve, it also promotes intra school competition by enabling pupils to compete against each other without even leaving the school setting.

Further more create a virtual inter school competition by displaying results from all competing schools and awarding placings and prizes.

Virtual Challenges have become the alternative means of providing competitive opportunities, when competition calendars are full and school attendance at festivals is at capacity.

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