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With pupils returning to school we wanted to show you how BPSS can support you with their Physical Literacy (mental, social, and physical wellbeing). Giving students the confidence, motivation, competence, understanding and personal responsibility to be physically active.

The CMO guidance states that ‘all children and young people take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.’ As set out in the Childhood Obesity Plan, at least 30 minutes should take place in schools, and the remaining 30 outside the school day, however only 38% of parents are aware of this target with 44% believing the target to be 30 minutes or less. Therefore, this is a team effort between teachers, parents/guardians, and the community.

More than two in three parents say they have seen their children’s physical activity levels decrease during lockdown; new research published ahead of schools reopening has found. The research, commissioned by children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust and conducted by YouGov, also found that only a minority of parents (21%) believe their children are currently active for at least the recommended average of 60 minutes every day.

The YST has said that the findings show the urgent need for a renewed focus on sport and physical education when pupils return to school. Four in five parents (81%) say it is important that schools ensure every pupil is active for 30 minutes every day and 78% say they should have at least two hours of weekly physical education.

The research among UK parents of children aged 18 and under found:

  • 69% of parents believe that their children are less physically active now compared to a year ago, before the Coronavirus pandemic. Only 15% said their children’s activity levels had not changed and 12% thought their children were now more active.
  • When asked about their children’s activity levels, almost 4 in 5 parents (79%) reported that their children were currently doing less than 60 minutes every day. Three in five (60%) say their children are active, but for 30 minutes or less. A further 11% say their children are currently doing no activity at all.
  • Four in five parents (81%) now believe that schools should be ensuring that pupils are physically active for at least 30 minutes every day while in school, with similar numbers (78%) calling for schools to provide at least two hours per week of physical education to every pupil.

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