Barnet Resilient Schools Programme

Barnet Resilient Schools Programme

The Resilient Schools programme provides a framework for schools to assess and improve mental health and wellbeing support to pupils, parent, carers and all staff within school. Resilience is seen when people (pupils, parents/carers and staff) have a greater ability “bounce back’’ when faced with difficulties and achieve positive outcomes.

RS aims to provide a whole school approach to raising mental health awareness, providing coping strategies and reducing stigma and discrimination and thereby strengthening resilience by:

  • Helping schools, parents and pupils to recognise their own mental wellbeing needs and be confident to access information to support themselves and others
  • De-stigmatise mental health in schools
  • Intervene early to prevent escalation of mental health problems
  • Involve parents, pupils and schools in tackling issues

Contact Jayne Abbott Mental Health and Resilient Schools Programme Manager:  [email protected]


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