The School Games has five clear outcomes to ensue there is a clear direction for our network:

  1. To advocate and position the delivery of the Chief Medical Officer’s daily active minutes for all young people, as a universal offer to maintain and grow school engagement
  2. To ensure all competition has clear intent and creates positive experiences based on the motivation, competence and confidence of the young people that need out support the most
  3. To have a clear focus on secondary school engagement and transition points
  4. To support the personal development of targeted young people through youth engagement and leadership
  5. To advocate and engage key stakeholders on the value of School Games to support local provision and improve the experience for young people and their families.

Through taking part in School Games events and competitions, young people will:

  • have fun and enjoy themselves
  • develop friendships and meet new people
  • become more determined and demonstrate resilience
  • understand and demonstrate the importance of respect for others
  • learn to develop self control and manage emotions
  • experience being part of a team and understand your contribution to it
  • win with pride and lose with grace
  • learn the importance of practice and preparation
  • learn how to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them
  • aspire to improve and challenge themselves.


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