School Games Mark 2019/20

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Youth Sport Trust have released the following statement:

The 2019 academic year saw the School Games Mark Awards reach over 10,000 Schools. With the 2020 School Games Mark window due to open in less than two weeks, the team at the Youth Sport Trust working closely with Sport England, has worked hard to consult with a range of stakeholders on the approach to take in light of COVID-19, school closures and social distancing measures.

The consultation has included School Games Organisers, Head Teachers and importantly a sample of schools and PE leads who in 2019 achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold School Games Mark. While there were, of course, a number of schools that felt they had the relevant information to report on two terms worth of work, the overriding feedback from the Head Teachers we spoke to was that the priority for staff during the summer term was to cater for the immediate needs of students while also preparing for school returning to a new normal.

With this information in mind, the decision has been made to pause the 2020 School Games Mark; as a result schools will retain their 2019 School Games Mark Award.

To provide some reassurances;

  • Platinum schools will retain the status for a further year 
  • Schools that would have been eligible for platinum this year will continue to be eligible in 2021

What next? 

  • We recognise that for some schools this news will come as a disappointment. In recognition of this, and based on the feedback from those involved in consultation we are working on the development of a Badge/Certificate that SGOs can present to schools in recognition of their involvement in the virtual programmes over the summer term 
  • For those schools that are able to, arranging time with your SGO to help them prepare for 2020/21 and where possible to strive for the next level award 
  • For any queries please continue to use [email protected] 

We would like to thank you all for all the work you are doing to support young people during these difficult times.Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to support you as you plan for the future.School Games Team


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